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viernes, junio 22, 2007

Welcome to 13ª Regata Breitling - Illes Balears

Breitling: More than 20 years promoting the sailing world.

In 1986, Breitling decided to embark on the exciting competition sailing world of high level Cruising Yacht.
After more than 20 years Breitling continues to support this sport, to offer new projects and excitement, to clear new ways and to highlight new trends.

Breilling has participated in several types of sponsoring, as the One Ton Cup 86, and has always been interested in promoting the sailing sport in Spain until it created “The Breitling” (as it is called by the best competitors in the world) in 1995. In that year Breitling founded its first regattas team named “the yellow danger” due to the yellow colour of its hull and its great list of triumphs. This team was followed by Farr 40 in 1997 and Judel/Vrolijk in 1998.

And in 2006 Breitling reached the top with its 20th Anniversary celebration.

The Breitling regatta is the venue for one of the races of the Breitling MedCup Tp52 circuit (the fastest and most professional international circuit in this moment), and the culmination of an intense work and professionalism.

Breitling together with Breitling MedCup Circuit open a new view and possibilities in the high-level professional competition field.

We hope to see you soon at the 13th Regatta Breitling.

Puerto Portals 18-22 July

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