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miércoles, octubre 24, 2007

International top destination Palma de Mallorca will open doors to the world of fashion

The premiere of the Mallorca Fashion Week 2007/2008 will take place from
March 28th 2008 through April 1st 2008 in the city of Palma de Mallorca. For
the first time Mallorca will open its doors to the world of fashion and
enter a new era with the hottest attraction to come "the Mallorca Fashion
Week". The beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean Sea will host
international fashion industry celebrities and high profile guests for one
week to present more then just a simple fashion week. We want to set
ourselves apart from other ordinary fashion weeks around the world and
present a new, innovative never been there before concept for the fashion

It will be an event with shows, entertainment and celebrities from around
the world. Each day of the Mallorca Fashion Week 2007/2008 will be
celebrated with an unforgetable and outstanding event. The Mallorca Fashion
Week 2007/2008 will be a very unique experience of extravaganza and
entertainment, which through charities and its support for the most valuable
gift "TALENT", has still the mind for the social aspects.

The Mallorca Fashion Week 2007/2008 will feature 5 major events and
numerous smaller showcases in various main venues around Palma de Mallorca.
Each event and showcase for the fashion week will have it's own theme and
will captivate the audience. Moving forward with innovative, spectacular,
stylish, and exclusive entertainment, this high profile event will be
beneficial to the local trade industry, tourism industry, Palma de Mallorca,
buyer's, celebrities and special guests of the Fashion Week 2007/2008. For
each event we will invite special guests who relate or match the profile of
the themed events, ultimately becoming the first of high class of
entertainment experiences!

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