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lunes, octubre 15, 2007

Yellowslacks desde Londres opina sobre el Hotel

After a dreadful journey with everything going wrong we were expecting the hotel to be right up there with the day we were having. I'm glad to say that we were very pleased with what we got. This is a 60's building and it is starting to show it's age but with a little extra maintenance it could be well presentable. We were on the 7th Floor looking out over the harbour, a very nice view. Our room was very clean just like the rest of the hotel. The bathroom had a corner Jacuzzi bath which we used. The shower was nice and powerful. Breakfast was fine and the staff very nice. The reception was very helpful when we wanted to get around the city. It is recommended to get a bus. It is very cheap and with the aid of the map the hotel had, even easier. The buses have notices that tell you what stop is next. London should take a leaf out of their book.
The pool was basic deep enough for a good swim, a couple of sun shades and new pool furniture wouldn't go a miss but again plus+ points for the cleanliness. The beer and wine prices were very reasonable. We didn't have an evening meal or stayed around for the entertainment but the BBQ they did on the Thursday looked very nice and the other patrons were pleased. This is not a hotel to park yourself by the pool for a week but a very nice place to come back to after touring the city. A very very good 2* hotel. I would go back again.
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