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domingo, abril 08, 2012

Hotel Horizonte, by Allan "A cozy stay at Hotel Horizonte"

Dear Ingrid and all ansate at Hotel  Horizonte, and Andreu and Marga.

I just had to tell  Ingrid a day so she would take care of it.

We had a really good 44 year anniversary here at the Hotel Horizonte, thanks to you and the staff. My wife was totally overwhelmed and very puzzled when she saw the loving greeting, chamagne, cokolade and fruit in the room. When i got home from my bike ride, she was full of questions. How could one know that we had 44-year anniversary? I cold not admit that i knew well. For dinner, the evening was covered with fine table and the wine was Horizonte bill. Only here, I admitted, that I had told Ingrid about our special day.

It was really nice and we were very please. I hope that this affectionate greeting can get to all the wonderful staff al Horizonte.


Karen & Allan.
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