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viernes, octubre 19, 2007

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"peaceful and chilled"

"being fed up with the wonderful british summer we are having we booked this trip 3 days before we flew out , we had no idea what to expect but needed the break, arrived at the hotel horizonte about 5 am , the desk clerk had all our notes to hand and give us our key to room 103 , we made our way to the room and tried to switch the light on the light did not work and we found another light switch on the other wall, lights on and the first thing to greet us was a big cockeroach, he was brought down with a size 9 dm boot, and we had a quick look around, the room was not the best room i have ever seen but being knackard we got to sleep, we missed breakfast and went down for dinner, we enjoyed our lunch as we did the rest of the meals the rest of the week, we found the staff helpful and the hotel very relaxing, we hired a car which is over the road from the hotel and found the hill not a problem, the hotel has very good views and the pool was never crowded to sum it up we had 6 nights in this hotel and i would return anytime, the staff are friendly and the atmotsphere relaxed this is a very good value for money break and did not have any problems with the club seens."

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