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lunes, mayo 21, 2007

AudioWalker in Palma de Mallorca

Discover a new mean of turism with the Audiowalker Sonic Tour !

Just rent an I-pod and explore the old town with the Audiowalker Sonic Tour, it's easy, just like walking ! :)

Reserve your ipod by asking your hotel receptionist, fill a little form (name, room number, how many earphones, date and firm), and you'll receive your ipod directly at the hotel.

It 'll be waiting for you from 9.30 AM in the reception, and you have to return it before 8.00 PM same day, same place.
The walking tour is about 2 hours long.
The cost of 9 euros includes the rent of the Ipod, one set of earphones and a map of the tour.
For a 4€ extra, you can also have an extra set of earphones and an earphone "splitter".
If you don't return the Ipod within the indicated time, the 50€ deposit will be withheld...

The tour starts in front of the guiness bar. You just have to sit down and look for the track number 1. From here on, all you have to do is follow the instructions. Anytime you want to know where you are, just take a look a your map.

This service is available in 4 languages : spanish, english, deutch and italian.

"A unique experience, the only way to truly discover the secrets and beauties of the city" (Cate, London)
"Me dejé envolver por la magia del audiowalker y mientras caminava, Palma se rendió a mís pies..." (Nuria, Mallorca)
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