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Son Moix Stadium - Iberostar estadi - Real Mallorca futbol .

  Son Moix Stadium is the home of Real Mallorca, one of the most popular football teams in the island of Mallorca. The stadium is located in Palma and it is known for its modern facilities and great atmosphere during the games. The stadium can accommodate around 23,142 people and it's considered as one of the best stadiums in the Spanish football league. The atmosphere at the games is electric, and the fans are passionate and dedicated. Watching a match at the Son Moix Stadium is a must-do for any football fan visiting Palma de Mallorca. The Dimonis, a group of passionate fans, are known for their incredible support and energy that they bring to the games, making it an unforgettable experience. If you're planning to attend a match at the Son Moix Stadium, the Hotel Amic Horizonte is an excellent option for accommodation. The hotel is located in a prime location, close to the stadium by the highway . The hotel offers comfortable and stylish accommodation, and the staff is friend