Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2017


Amigos de Amic Hotels Mallorca Hotel Amic Horizonte *** Now we have been guests at Horizonte for many years. In the first years, it was Easter at the time we were training for the cycling season. Here we started the tradition of having our children and grandchildren. Later it became October, where we also participated in cycling. But it became 8 years since the tradition that all our children and grandchildren, 13 big and small, were invited to Horizonte in the aftermath, but I still participated in the bicycle races and   more attending and marathon rides. Horizonte is not a luxury hotel but a hotel with a very own spirit. Here is all we need. Good rooms that are being conscently cleaned every day. A great view. A restaurant with a wealth of tasty dishes. A reception that is always ready with a friendly kindness and helpfulness. The staff is very friendly, helpful and smiling and every day we greet everyone. We get an overwhelming welcome with kisses and