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viernes, junio 15, 2007 in Mallorca . Work and Travel .

This is Mariano and Sofía. We have come from Argentina to this wonderful Island, Palma de Mallorca, and we are having a great time here, at the Horizonte Hotel.
The place is just fantastic, and it has the most amazing views from our “Superior room” and from everywhere. From the restaurant, we can enjoy ourselves eating while at the same time, we have the view of the port from where the cruises come and go at all times( See ). From Porto Pi, which is nly 500 meters away, you can also take the ships which will take you to Menorca, Ibiza and Barcelona.
We have come here on business and I have to say, working from the hotel is great. There is free WIFi available for customers so it makes our work much easier. When we get tired of working, we go the the pool, which is really warm and big!
There are all sorts of people here, from different nationalities and also different lifestyles. You will see people who are always in the pool area, reading a book or sunbathing. Other people go to the bar for a drink, or just hang out here and there. Other people, like us, spend a lot of time on the computer. But working here with these views is much better than the office back home.
Palma is a great place. The city has choices for different likes: going shopping, having drinks at the “terrazas” of the many bars, visiting the cathedral, museums, going to concerts, going for walks along the “paseo Marítimo” or even renting a car to visit the many “Calas” on the island. We still have to do that! Also, there are different beaches near the hotel. We always walk to the beach, since we like exercising. We actually work on our webpage And the beach break is a must. The water here in the Mediterranean Sea is totally transparent, you can see your feet if you go for a dive.
We are in the middle of June and the weather is really warm, well, sometimes it gets a little hot, but the breeze from the sea cures it all! And the sand, it is so white!
We have been her for ten days and are planning to stay 10 days more. We feel so comfortable here at Hotel Horizonte that we don’t feel like going back home.
Come to Mallorca, it pays off!

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