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miércoles, octubre 03, 2007

TRAIN TO Soller - Winter Holidays Tipps in Majorca

Often described on TV travel shows as a "must", this train journey takes you
from Palma de Mallorca to Soller. The old trains are great fun, and the
journey itself is wonderful. The town of Soller has plenty of shops and
cafes for visitors to while away some time beofre returning to Palma.
An option upon arriving at Soller is to continue your journey to Port de
Soller by tram. Again, the trams are great fun to be in, and the views
during the journey are fantastic. The port also has many places to eat,
drink, or spend your hard-earned euros.
Two tips are worth mentioning. First, there is a gap of nearly four hours in
the afternoon where you cannot get a train back to Palma. It may be more
convenient to purchase a one-way ticket on the train and then to get the
local bus back to Palma.
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