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jueves, abril 10, 2008

Superyacht cup palma 2008

The superyacht cup Palma 2007 is a difficult event to beat, but with the interest there is in top-level yacht regattas, the 2008 Palma regatta promises yet again to be one of the most important events of the year for anyone who owns, works one, sails, designs or build yachts.

This is the superyacht Cup’s twelfth year, making it the oldest and most important superyacht event in the world. Its exclusiveness and informal atmosphere have made this trophy grow in size and popularity every year, attracting yacht owners from all over the world. The 52 sailing boats and 3000 participants who competed in June 2007 quite probably managed to turn it into the largest event in the world.

The superyacht Cup 2008 will follow the same general format as the 2007 one, with registrations on 11th June followed by three day’s competition in the Bay of Palma, closing the event with a spectacular prize-giving gala set in the magnificent atmosphere of San Carlos Castle. However, many aspects will change in 2008; with no Americas Cup this year, there will be no millennium Cup, a sailing event held in New Zealand only as part of the Americas Cup.
The format is due to be adapted as a result, including new elements in the social programme and maintaining that unique, enjoyable atmosphere whilst simultaneously ensuring the privacy and security of all the participants. The number of yachts expected to register is 30 to 35, (depending on the size and prow space) and registrations will be accepted in order of arrival.
Another new element will be a combined event trophy, awarded by Yachting World, for the best performance in the mini-series of the two Superyacht regattas, the Superyacht Cup Palma and the inaugural regatta of the Boat international Silver Jubilee that begins on 23rd June in Sardinia

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