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domingo, julio 15, 2012

Daddy Cool Mallorca - CANCELLED

After a highly acclaimed and sold-out tour for six months in the Netherlands, „Daddy Cool“ - in a stage production specially designed for Mallorca - came to the renowned Trui Theatre in Palma from June 29th and initially until September 23rd, 2012. But everybody knows that the show cancelled last Friday

25 smash hits known by everyone will no long be performed  for the Mallorca,n and tourim audience because the Artists were not beig payed buy Sunny Music entertainment gmbh (Company in germany that it might entered into a bankrupcy ) as we were informed by Albert Verlinde Entertainment company in charge oif the artists in Mallorca for its executive Producer B.vV.

So no more „Daddy Cool“ in Mallorca since the artists left Spain last Friday in a rush and no official notice has apeard in the official website , blog , twitter of the company . 
In case you want to go to any show we recomend best alternatives as the Grease musical in Auditorium , the Pirates show , Son Amar or Come Fly with me ( F. Sinatra ) 

Triste historia de una compañía Alemana llamada Sunny Music entertainment
dejando tirados a un montón de personas , artistas , proveedores , etc etc etc .

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