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sábado, agosto 30, 2014


The world of rotorflug helicopters is located in the western Mediterranean to the east of mainland Spain between 39°15′40″ and 39°57′40″ northern latitude and 2°19′38″ and 3°28′42″ eastern longitude. Our fleet of helicopters sweeps over the roofs of Palma, along the impressive cliff faces to the west, through the Serra de Tramuntana, above kilometres of beach, hidden bays, lively ports, picturesque mountain villages and as yet undiscovered beauty spots towards the interior. Flying a helicopter over Mallorca lifts you into a unique world filled with fascination, excitement and passion. Climb in and be our guest - whether for pleasure, to satisfy your curiosity or to mix enjoyment with utility by saving time.

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Tiempo en Palma de Mallorca