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domingo, enero 07, 2007

Three Kings Day in Spain - Llegan los reyes Magos

Three Kings Day, the sixth of January, is still alive and well in Spain. The local parades, the Magic, the happy children scrambling for caramelos --- it is Epiphany, the culmination of the Christmas festivities, and it remains intact, very traditional and very Spanish. It is one of the religious celebrations which are central to the identity of Spain. That most Spanish of all events, Semana Santa, is still so laden with emotion, that the suffering of Good Friday almost eclipses the Resurrection as a focus of devotion and celebration. The Spanish Three Kings Day is quite different in its focus. Rather than being devotional, it has always been the festival for children and the family. The celebration of the arrival of the Wise Men, the Magic, is an official excuse to go all out in showering attention and affection on their children, who are singularly treasured in the Spanish culture.
In the spirit of the Three Kings, may 2007 bring you only the very best!

La cabalgata de Reyes de Palma
La tradicional y emocionante Cabalgata de Reyes llega un año más a nuestra Isla y tras varias paradas por otros puntos de la Isla desembarca en Palma trayendo los mejores regalos y deseos para el año nuevo

Menu especial del Dia de Reyes Magos

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