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lunes, abril 28, 2008

Last Day In Mallorca .......

We finally found another computer!! We have been having such a great time
in Mallorca.... and wondered why we just didn´t spend our whole 2 weeks
here!! It is gorgeous! We arrived Thursday night in Palma.... very cute,
picturesque little city. We stayed in the "Old Town" which has narrow,
cobblestone streets. Our hotel there was very cool. We had enough time to
enjoy Palma before getting our rental car on Friday morning and heading off
to the east side of the island to a town just off the coast in Son Servera.
We could not pick our jaws up off the floor when we got to our hotel there.
Imagine a bed and breakfast, old stone meets modern country estate. The area
was amazing... with a pool overlooking the valley and the neighboring ocean.
We planned to check in and go back out in our car exploring the area.. but
the hotel was so great that we decided to spend it lazying by the pool
drinking cocktails and enjoying the scenary. Today we made our way over to
the west side of the island to Puerto de Soller. The drive was crazy to say
the least!!! Nikki drove (brave soul) and we had to traverse the winding
(small) roads of the Tratamunta mountains!! I took so many pictures while
trying to hold back from vomiting!! Ha! And we put the first official dent
in our cute Mercedes "mini" rental car! (It´s ok though since they don´t let
you rent without full insurance..... we should have been known something was
up when they told us that!) But we made it and the view from our hotel here
is gorgeous too!!! It´s tucked in a little cove with cliffs overlooking the
ocean. We are going to have a drink or two now to relax after our insane
drive! Tomorrow we leave to go back to the main land. :( But we are excited
to see Granada! I wish this computer would let us upload pictures... but
unfortunately not. We hope to write again soon! Miss you all!
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