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lunes, agosto 18, 2014

#yoga en Palma de Mallorca - Mark Robberds: 7 Days Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

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Mark Robberds Senior Certified teacher by Ashtanga Yoga master and guru Sri K Pattabhi Jois will be in Palma de Mallorca sharing with us all his passion and knowledge about Ashtanga.

Mark is a one of the most well known, seasoned and experienced Ashtanga teacher right now, he will be traveling back to Mallorca for his second time, his workshop will be the perfect combination of theory and technique classes along with the traditional Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style program.

Course is opened to all levels, beginners are most welcomed, as Mark likes his course split in 3 small groups of 10/12 students each.

He will start on Friday with a Philosophy talk on Ashtanga Yoga from the Heart - An Introduction into the Essence of the Practice followed by

Asana class: A guided and detailed explanations and explorations of the
breath and bandhas in the Sun Salutations followed by how to apply those
principles in the finishing sequence. The core principles to be worked
with over the weekend will be introduced fully in this class but the
overall effect will calming so that there is energy for the rest of the
week. (Bring your mat and come ready to move).

Afternoon 2:

Philosophy talk on the history of the Yoga tradition - Finding the
Thread that Connects followed by Q+A

Asana Class: Finding Balance

Techniques and tools for building more strength to float and fly and in
jump backs/jump throughs. Explore the essential arm balances like
bakasana and it's variations.  Learn the key principles to develop your
handstands and forearm balances and how these techniques are essential
for developing a safe and solid headstand and a powerful inversion
practice. This class will end with an exploration of the essential yoga
breathing techniques.

Afternoon 3:

Philosophy talk: May All Beings Be Happy And Free -The closing mantra of
Ashtanga Yoga and its relationship to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and
creating a better world.

Asana class Unlocking the Granthis: The Stepping Stones of the Practice
Just as the ancient texts talk about the 3 Granthis (energy blocks that
prevent us from realizing our full potential), in the Ashtanga series
there are certain postures that become blocks to our progression. Also
known as the gate keepers - these postures like marichyasana D, bhuja
pidasana, kurmasana and supta kurmasana are a challenge that many
students could overcome with a consistent practice of the techniques

explained in this class.
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